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Are you looking to share your experience of Frank Salt with potential future customers today? If so you’ve found the perfect page. Customers from all around the world can comment on the services of Frank Salt’s Malta property offering. Feel free to leave feedback based on their customer service, portfolio of properties, honesty and clarity. Have you had a great time dealing with Frank Salt? Or has your experience been less than acceptable? Whichever is the case, here’s your opportunity to share it.

How to leave Frank Salt feedback

All you need to do is scroll down to the bottom of this page and write your feedback in the ‘Leave Your Reply’ section. From there, one of our team will check over your comment to see whether or not it passes our terms of use policy and if so, it will be uploaded. Of course, you can be completely anonymous when leaving feedback — or, if you feel very strong about your experience with Frank Salt Malta, then you can leave your contact details for them to get back. If your complaint is severe we can help — simply contact and we’ll be there to guide you through any grievance processes.

What feedback about Frank Salt should you leave?

Frank Salt, as far as we know, will obviously be keen on providing the best customer service for their customers, so it’s important that you leave them honest and impartial feedback. You can leave them feedback on whether or not their agent was friendly, helpful or efficient. Why not let them know if their website is clear, or whether Frank Salt’s website can be improved. How about the properties they’re advertising — are Frank Salt’s adverts honest and clear? If so, let them and other customers in Malta know. And if not, maybe drop them some helpful advice.

Remember, your long let Malta experience doesn’t need to turn sour — agencies like Frank Salt normally get it right first time, and when things fall foul it’s best to deal with them in person — but Malta’s Worst Agent is here for when you’re getting nowhere.

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