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Thinking about sharing your experience of Quick Lets with potential future customers today? Then you’re in the right place. Long let property lettors and buyers from all around the world are looking for your feedback. With Malta’s Worst Agent, you can comment on the services of Quick Let’s Malta property services. Of course, please add your feedback based on their portfolio, customer services, clairty and honest. Really enjoyed Quick Let’s services? Your experience not been up to scratch? Whatever you’ve got to share, let us know.

How to leave Quick Lets feedback

Simply scroll down to the bottom of this page and let the world know what you think about Quick Lets in the ‘Leave Your Reply’ section. Of course, to ensure compliance with our terms of use policy, one of our team will check over your comment, but this normally takes less than an hour. And feel free to cloak your identity when leaving your feedback — or, if you really want to get feedback from the letting agent, then feel to leave your contact details as well, so Quick Lets can get hold of you. Remember though, If your complaint is serious, we can always help — simply contact info@maltasworstagent.com and we’ll help you through everything.

What feedback about Quick Lets should you leave?

Quick Lets, as much as we know, really want to provide the best service possible. And for that reason it is super-important that you leave the agency clear and honest feedback. Let them know whether or not their agent was friendly, efficient or helpful, or why not let them know if their platform is super simple to use? What about the properties they’re publishing on their site– are Quick Let’s adverts honest and clear? If you found them to be super clear then, of course, let future potential customers know.

Remember, your long let Malta experience doesn’t need to turn sour — agencies like Quick Lets normally get it right first time, and when things fall foul it’s best to deal with them in person — but Malta’s Worst Agent is here for when you’re getting nowhere.

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    Malta's Worst Agents March 31, 2018 at 12:12 pm

    Decent agency with good agents. Would use again.

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