One month since EPC regulations hit malta — has anything changed?

As reported by Malta Today, from the 1st March 2018, landlords (and by extension their agents and agencies) are required by law to produce up to date EPC information when advertising their properties.

As stated by the article:

The EPC delivers an energy rating for properties which although part of Maltese law since 2009, has never been properly enforced. Now all properties advertised for sale and rent on newspapers, magazines, and brochures must contain the specific energy use.

And furthermore:

In all advertisements for dwellings, the following information from a valid EPC carried out by a certified assessor is to be included in the advert itself: Energy Use, indicating the energy in kWh/m2yr

Yes, yes, this is all a little droll, but ultimately these are businesses serving under Maltese law. By ignoring new laws imposed upon them it shows how little respect agencies have for the law of the island. This is why the little things like this are very important in the grand scheme of things.

One month on checks to see if the the big four in the industry are abiding by these new regulations.

Quick Lets

Sadly it appears that Quick Lets are not yet compliant with the new laws. Properties advertised don’t appear to have the relevant EPC certification (well any we looked at). For an example please see the properties below:

On a side note, we were pretty shocked to see a property valued at €3,200 a month advertised with no images and the dreaded ‘house of character’ description. Maybe one to avoid?

Frank Salt

It’s another nope. Frank Salt appear to have forgotten all about the new laws. There’s no mention of energy efficiency on any of the property pages we checked (of course, we didn’t check them all).

Interestingly, Frank Salts advertisements come with a little disclaimer:

Since the property details, availability and rental values displayed on this page may have been provided by the landlords, Frank Salt Real Estate cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided. Please contact Frank Salt Real Estate for further information and to confirm availability and rental value.

Easy way to get around advertising properties with misleading information? Who knows? We certainly cannot comment.

Simon Mamo

In something of a pattern emerging, the properties we looked at on Simon Mamo’s website made no indication towards any EPC ratings or certification. At this juncture I’m hardly surprised.



Yeah. Not looking great for Remax also.


Of course, we checked out more than three properties on each website. The above is indicative across the board. There may well be some properties advertised with the correct EPC information.

If you’ve had a bad time with a particular agency then you can rate them and leave a review here.

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