Terms Of Use

Maltasworstagent.com’s purpose is to bring to light the wrongdoings of any agent, agency or landlord within the Malta rental market. This site is not intended to be a witch-hunt against one particular individual or agency. As such, there are terms and conditions when using this website.

While agents and landlords can be identified by name, you cannot:

  • Disclose the physical identity of any agent (i.e. pictures)
  • Disclose the address of one particular agent
  • Disclose phone numbers or emails of any particular agent
  • Disclose the details of any personal family members of an agent

Agents and agencies are afforded the right to reply to any review left about them. If evidence is brought to light that any comments made are false, they will be deleted and an amendment notice will follow. Maltasworstagent.com will have the final say on any disputes. All decisions are final.

Extraordinary claims must be made with evidence. For the matter of clarity ‘extraordinary’ is defined as anything outside the regular issues of renting a property (i.e. extreme property damage, documented refusal of returning a deposit, claims of aggression, fraud).

If you have any queries, wish to share the name of an agent/agency/landlord which has acted inappropriately, or want to share your experiences of letting a property in Malta, please email info@maltasworstagent.com.

Furthermore, this website is not only intended to highlight the bad agents, but also to praise the good agents and agencies. Please leave positive feedback if you’ve had a great experience.

The views and opinions expressed in this websites are those of the users and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the website owner.