Top 5 Letting Agencies

The best letting agencies in Malta

So you might be wondering, who are the best letting agents in Malta? Well, if that’s the case, we’ve found the five best in Malta. These guys always fall top of the pile when it comes to providing quality and honest service. Simply click on the link in the comparison table and you’ll be taken straight to the agency’s website.

Best letting agents in Malta
1Leave your feedback5/5GO TO REMAX
2Leave your feedback4.5/5GO TO QUICKLETS
3Leave your feedback4.5/5GO TO SIMON MAMO
4Leave your feedback4/5GO TO FRANK SALT
5Leave your feedback3.5/5GO TO BELAIR

What do we look for when judging a letting agency?

Here at Malta’s Worst Agent we concentrate on three key things:

  • Reputation
  • Service
  • Portfolio

Many of the agencies have been on the island for decades, which means many Maltese know which agencies work and which don’t, but for expats looking for property they might end up a little confused. For that reason, we take Maltese word-of-mouth very seriously. If the Maltese don’t like an agency, there’s probably a good reason for it.

Service is also a very important factor to consider. How efficient are letting agencies at get back? Do they post honest adverts? Do they keep their offerings up to date? Do they favour the landlords, or are they fair and balanced? The five letting agencies on this page are renowned for treating their clients up to date — although maybe you think differently. If so, leave a rating on our rate you agents page.¬†

Finally, and this is also a consideration from the service perspective, but we also look at the portfolio of an agency. Do they consistently offer top-quality properties, or are the properties on their site in Malta not up to scratch. This is an important factor when looking at letting agencies in Malta and so, we value this very high.

How often do you update this page?

We update this page as and when necessary. We may choose to remove an agency altogether if reports suggest that they’ve acted inappropriately, or there’s enough customer reviews to say they no longer deserve to be in our comparison table. We also might add new positions or agencies if we feel they’re able to compete at the high standards the current Maltese letting agencies in this table adhere to.

How can you help?

Simple. Either email us your horror stories to, rate your agent honestly on this page, or spread the word about our website.